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  • Linux Fundamentals
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DevOps Foundation Course

The DevOps Foundation Course is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to core DevOps
fundamentals and principles. Upon completion of this course and the assessment, students will have a
grasp of core DevOps concepts and be ready for industry-recognized DevOps foundation certification

Target Audience
• Professionals considering a career in DevOps
• Aspiring DevOps professionals seeking DevOps opportunities and job roles
• New DevOps professionals who have no idea where to start
• Professionals involved in IT development, operations, and management
• System and Network Administrators
• Product Owners and Business Managers
• Integration specialists, automation and enterprise architects, and more.


Modules covered in this Course include:
• Introduction to Software Development
• The rise of DevOps
• Core concepts of DevOps
• DevOps lifecycle and tools
• Key elements of DevOps
• DevOps culture and its implementation


DevOps Masterclass

The DevOps Masterclass builds on the DevOps Foundation Course and takes a deep dive into the key
concepts of DevOps, with a focus on providing the education necessary to put DevOps into practice. Upon
completion and assessment, students will be able to deliver applications and services in an agile way.

Target Audience
Personnel involved in the following functions:
• DevOps engineers and managers
• Product managers/owners
• Cloud Solutions director
• Operations and Business managers
• Application development managers
• System engineers
• Automation and Enterprise architects


Modules covered in this course include:
• DevOps in the workplace
• Optimizing flow
• Identifying Map value stream
• Reviewing DevOps best practices
• Deployment and maintenance tools
• Continuous integration/delivery cycle
• Utilizing cloud infrastructure and lots more..



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