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  • Basic System Administration Have access to a laptop or system to setup Kubernetes

Target audiences

  • Beginners in Containers
  • Beginners in Orchestration System Administrators
  • Developers Project Managers


Kubernetes is an open-source platform developed by Google to help deploy, scale and manage
containerized applications regardless of location. In this course, we discuss some of Kubernetes’ basic
concepts and architecture. Upon completion, the students will have a solid understanding of the origin,
architecture, and building blocks of Kubernetes, the problems it solves, and the technical instructions on
how to deploy, use and maintain a stand-alone and multi-tier application on Kubernetes.

Target Audience
• Developers
• DevOps
• Operations Managers
• Security Specialists



Modules in this course cover:
• Kubernetes Architecture
• Kubernetes Building Blocks
• Kubernetes Volume Management
• Kubernetes Nod
• Kubernetes Proxy







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