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Introduction to Python Course

Our Introduction to Python Course focuses on introducing the student to the basic concepts and
fundamentals of the Python programming language, with practical projects to help the student build a
solid foundation in Python skills and be ready for further advancement in programming.

Target Audience
• Professionals with no previous coding experience who want to learn Python as a first language
• I.T Professionals looking to switch to Python from other languages.

Modules in this course will cover:
• Python versions
• Python Documentation
• Python Routines
• Scripts and Syntax
• Variables and data types
• Operators and Expressions and lots more.


Python II

This course is an intermediate python course that builds directly on our Introduction to Python course.
Here, we take the student further into the depths of Python and expose them to areas they will need to
focus on in order to build robust and readable applications of any size. On completing this course, students
will be familiar with the different techniques and constructs used in Python Language.

Target Audience
• Developers with knowledge of the basics of Python and want to expand their knowledge.


Modules in this course will cover:
• Packages
• Closures and decorators
• Numeric and Scalar types
• Extended call syntax
• Lambdas
• Introspection and a lot more



Advanced Python

This course aims at showing the student the ecosystem of the Python language, and the high-performance
applications built into it. At the end of this course, students will know enough Python to understand the
advanced techniques used to implement sophisticated frameworks, manage software complexity and be
able to make informed choices in projects.

Target Audience
This course is for mid-level Python programmers who would like to dive deeper into the language.


Advanced Python

Modules in this course covers:
• Language features in all applications
• Advanced Functionality such as Data API
• Unit Testing and Debugging
• Multi-threaded parallel code
• Metaclasses
• Virtual Subclasses and lots more.



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